My Abstract Art

My abstract art is created mainly on computer starting with simple tools such as MS Paint and then adding more advanced PhotoImpact 11 features.

Some pieces start as paper drawings or rarely photos, and then the scanned images are manipulated with software. There are no human images in the original starting pieces and any incidental likenesses are purely art. Essentially all of these finished art pieces exist strictly as computer files.

All work is protected by the copyright laws of the United States of America and beyond. All rights reserved by creator as entity 'Quinn Studio and Gallery', no reproduction of any kind without written permission.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


  1. I like the colors in this one. I find your art fascinating especially since you create it entirely with the computer. There were others I liked too. I am really getting into abstracts lately. I have always been an impressionist lover and I still am but I am expanding a bit I guess.

    I tried another of your blogs where you spoke of the buffalo meat you bought. You have a lot of blogs.

  2. Thanks Bernie, I have a lot of fun writing and doing a huge number of hobbies. Thank you for the comment about my art work. I have been exploring more art blogs recently and really just started the feature of "following" blogs through the blogger tool, for some reason I had missed that feature and had been doing things the hard way! Live and learn ....